Whirlyball Atlanta

We are located in Roswell conveniently near 400.  Whirlyball Atlanta has serviced  Alpharetta, Marietta, Woodstock, Norcross and the Atlanta area for 20 years.  When clients ask why they should visit Whirlyball Atlanta for their team building needs it’s always my favorite question! Why you ask? It’s simple. We do all of the work, so you can have all of the fun. Let me explain further…

Most team building activities involve breaking into groups and performing exercises. A facilitator will use these exercises to role play building trust in a pre-engineered environment that is typically dry and stale. In many cases this is very helpful and can prove to increase production while improving organizational dynamics and it is not fun and is forced.   These team building programs can be very expensive ($5,000 to start). Some of the activities can also prove to be terribly intrusive. Another negative, and perhaps the most important is they lack FUN!

Atlanta corporate events at Whirlyball

Whirlyball Atlanta owns FUN. It is not just  the thrill of passing a whiffle ball from player to player and scoring on the opponents goal that makes it fun. The TEAM of players driving those bumper cars and working together to win..no one forgets that. Human resources mixes with accounting and legal vs sales and tech support. Teams of departments that rarely see each other and  could use some face time.  Trust, morale, camaraderie all exercised organically and not under false pretenses. The ability to have 10- 20 folks playing at the same time and ALL are equal from the start, that is something only we can provide. Our staff can facilitate tournaments and handle every detail from start to finish.
Call us now and watch how the magic happens naturally as we organize a FUN team building experience at Whirlyball Atlanta!